Sous Chef Food Delivery

UX and visual design for a Denver startup that delivers chef-made meals directly to their customers doors. 

The Clients came to me with the hopes of redesigning their existing product. 

Before Redesign 
Sketches + Low-Fidelity Wires

Since there was minimal content on the site, I started by hand-sketching the layout for both mobile and desktop. 


Next, I took my initial hand-sketches and created final wire frames in Sketch. I began with mobile first and then translated my designs to desktop. 


Creating wireframes allowed me to easily walk the clients and developer through the flow and user experience of the site before making any visual design decisions.

Visual Design + UI

After the stakeholders approved the layout and functionality of the site,

I began to create a style guide for the visual design. Visual design elements included a color palette, typography, treatment of photography, and buttons used for navigation on the site.

To show the client's these options, I worked them into my low-fidelity prototypes.

One of the clients biggest concerns was the design of the map on their site. They wanted it to look special as well as be functional for customers.


To solve this problem, I hand drew a map depicting the locations that SousChef delivers within downtown Denver. Additionally I created a zip code search bar where users could manually determine deliverability to their location. 

Shipped Design

Healthgrades Scheduling

Smart Access

Healthgrades App