Call Center Application

Smart Access is an application that allows an internal hospital provider or call center representative to connect and schedule an appointment on behalf of a patient within their system. Because our team was able to leverage our own internal call center, we tapped into this user flow for our MVP.


This product has three main users that will be affected at any point in the journey; a patient, a call center agent, and a doctor’s office. 


A lot of this project revolved around learning how call centers functioned. Specifically around their script, and how they handle scheduling a patient's appointment.  I also spent time learning about how EMR's, ERH's and inventory integrations worked. 

I spent several days with the call center which gave me immense insight into what it takes for a call center representative to book an appointment on behalf of a patient. Listening in on phone calls was specifically important for understanding the patient's user experience as well.  


Defining User Flows

Low Fidelity Wires + Prototype

UI Explorations

High Fidelity Prototype + Shipped Design

Design Guidelines