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Appointment Scheduling Experience

Healthgrades provides millions of patients daily with access to information about physicians, hospitals, and healthcare providers. As the design lead for the appointments and scheduling pillar of the business, my role was to increase online bookings and connect more patients with providers. 




Product Designer

6 Months to MVP

Increased bookings

by over 1200% per month

Conducting the Audit

Coming into this project, there were various issues with the out of the box experience that I knew needed to be addressed.  After conducting an audit I was able to demonstrate how the live experience was lacking and needed to be overhauled. From there, I began to imagine what a better experience could look like. 

Previous Design

Previous Design


• Users have to click on individual days to see time slots available making this a tedious experience.

• The experience was not optimized for mobile devices. 

• There were no details or guarantee that a provider accepted the patients insurance.

• There were no other options or suggestions if a patient couldn't find an appointment they needed or encountered a roadblock.

• Developers have a hard time manipulating the inherited code making adding features a huge constraint on design.

Qualitative Research 

Qualitative research allowed me to tap into and empathize with patients emotions as he or she goes through the online booking experience such as: 

• If it’s an urgent matter, knowing they can book an appointment ASAP.

• Availability that works for the patient.

• Guaranteeing insurance is accepted before patient books online.

• Transparency into a doctor’s availability.

• Having other options if they can’t connect with their primary physician. 

Quantitative Research

Quantitative user testing allowed me to understand what matters most to a patient when booking an appointment online with a new or existing doctor.

Wireframes and User Flows

UI and Visual Design Explorations


Desktop and mobile designs

Mobile with reason.png

User Testing and Validation

User Testing Questions

I ran several rounds of user testing based on three different designs to see which performed best. 

From there, I revised the designs and prototypes based on user feedback.

High Fidelity + Shipped Designs

Metrics + Results

The redesign of the scheduling experience proved great impact. Within just a month of the release, the conversions our bookings increased by over 50%, while the abandonment rate significantly decreased.  

The Results


20 bookings a day​

3 hospital clients​

300  bookings per month


458  bookings a day

38 hospital clients

4000+ bookings per month

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