Housewarm App

Housewarm is an app that helps all members of a household collaborate to easily organize chores and bills. Many people spend years living with a roommate—whether it’s a friend or a complete stranger—and inevitably face the same types of challenges. From paying bills on time to making sure everyone does their fair share of the dishes, Housewarm helps keep things harmonious.


*This work was done for a pitch.  

Ideation + Research

In order to better define our users needs for Housewarm, I conducted user research through surveys and interviews.  Additionally, I applied market research and competitive analysis to explore existing technologies that solve similar problems.  Lastly, I used the research and data I collected to create personas and empathy maps of the two most predominant application users.

Persona's + Empathy Mapping
Sketches + Low-Fidelity Wires
User Flows
High-Fidelity Wires
UI + Design System

Because of my background in branding, I'm constantly thinking about building a design system to match my product.


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