North Star Vision

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The Challenge 

Sr Leadership challenged me and my team to articulate and visually demonstrate where Healthgrades consumer products could be by end of 2019.


With this R&D project, I knew my biggest challenge was going to be dealing with lots of ambiguity.  I kicked off the project by gathering as many requirements and knowledge from internal stakeholders as possible so we didn't go off the rails.  

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My Role

For this project, I lead a team of UX Designers and partnered with our UX Researcher. Additionally, I spent time collaborating with internal stakeholders and our data science team. 

Auditing the current state of the website

First I audited and gathered all of the problems that we faced with our existing product.

  • Disjointed/Difficult UX


  • Native apps don’t match website experience


  • We only help the majority of visitors with one core use-case - I have a provider's name, give me information.

  • Healthgrades is only one of many  touchpoints on a patients healthcare journey


  • There are several competitors whose capabilities surpass our offerings

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It was important to combine both qualitative and quantitative research in conjunction with assessing our internal data. This allowed us to go beyond what we assumed about our users to provide them with a solution that would go beyond meeting their needs.

Moderated in Person Testing

We conducting moderated in-person testing which allowed us to uncover general unmet needs in the consumer healthcare space.

• Twenty ninety-minute moderated in-person in-depth Interviews

• 8 national physician interviews

• 5 Internal key stakeholder interviews

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Defining our Persona 

The research allowed us to define our target persona Diane. She's a mother who manages all the healthcare, planning, and logistics, for everyone in her family throughout the span of 18+ years. She is frequently navigating the forever challenging healthcare space and has several pain points and frustrations she wishes could be addressed. 

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• Female; Aged 35-64 y/o

• Often has kids (but might be managing elderly parents or family members)

• Working: Full &/or part-time

• Handles healthcare decisions for self & multiple family members

• In charge of ALL household schedules

• Caregiver to children; often in charge of ailing/ aging family members

Pain Points:

Feels inadequate when researching new doctors or new chronic illness: “How do I know if I’m making the right decision or asking the right questions?”

Scheduling appointments is a hassle— she often has to schedule multiple at a time with the same doctor for kids’ check-ups, dental cleanings, physicals, etc.

Keeping track of everyone’s medications, possible side effects, & where each prescription is filled (will go to the wrong pharmacy from time to time)

Currently using multiple different online portals to track healthcare, which requires separate logins for all family members; often keeping track of 5+ portal logins

Synthesis + Discovery


Lightning Demos

+ Market Analisys


Journey Mapping Exercises

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Affinity Mapping Exercises 

The solution

We envision a future where Healthgrades partners with Dianne on her and her family's health care journey.

We will proactively reach out to suggest care, find the best doctors and appointments based on what we have learned about her, and keep her family on track.

Journey mapping

This journey mapping artifact was created based on research and was extremely important in guiding the rest of the project. The diagram above represents Diane, using our app over a two-year span.  

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How the app works

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Architecture + Wire Frames

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Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.34.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 9.34.46 PM.png
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High Fidelity Prototypes

To sell the final vision to stakeholders and explain how the app worked, we created prototypes that tied to the life cycle of the app (artifact shown above).  We presented it as the story of Diane's life and demonstrated how the app's features could help Diane's family throughout a 3-year span.



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