Native Applications

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The Problem:

The Healthgrades iOS and Andriod apps act as a paired down version of the website experience. The main purpose is to allow patients the ability to search and connect with doctors.


Research proved that our audience was having a difficult time performing basic activities on our app. This was a combination of broken use cases, disjointed UX, as well as the app performance its self being slow and sometimes unstable.

Since this is a project I had inherited I knew the apps themselves were in a very rough state and needed to be cleaned up holistically before we could address any new features. 

Before the Redesign

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Scaling back to 3 core use cases

Assuring our core use cases were extremely clear and easy to use was the first step.   Our old apps had a lot of different use cases that produced a disjointed experience making the app very difficult to use. With the buy-in of stakeholders, we agreed upon our core use cases.

1. Users should easily be able to search for providers.


2. Users should easily be able to make a connection with a provider (via a call or online booking).

3. Users should easily be able to build and manage a care team of their providers. 

Understanding the architecture

Because we could not rebuild our apps from scratch, we needed to improve the current experiences on both iOS and Android.  Taking a look at the architecture (which was very different on each platform) helped me better understand how I could restructure and improve broken user flows. I began by documenting and creating these maps of both platforms to get a bigger picture of what was currently going on.

Revising the Architecture

After having a deep understanding of the current architecture, I worked with my product owner to establish what features from the current app were staying, and which we were going to remove.  From there I began to think about how the app could tie back to our three core use cases. 

Revising the Apps

To ensure our cross-functional had a clear plan for revising the apps, I documented everything that needed to be fixed across both iOS and Android. I labeled each item as a usability issue, a design issue, bug, or, stability issue.  Each item was prioritized by level of importance and grouped appropriately for the engineers to refine and added to our jira backlog.  

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Shipped solution

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Download the app
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See the shipped apps here.

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